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Smartphone and SIM Card Rental 2022/11/1 07:55
Greetings ,

At the Japan Travel Web Page , in the Services Section of the Narita Airport speaks about a NariCo Application which I can't find on my smartphone .
My smartphone a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro ( which was purchased in GREECE, the MiUi information read MiUi Global 13.0.15 ( sounds good ) and the troubling part , that EU being the troubling part ) , Android Version is 12.SKQ1.210908.001 and no NariCo app ( or paypay , or a Suica app ) on Google Play Store . Can someone please tell me what am I missing here ??

Most important of all . Upon landing on Narita Airport how is it to rent a smartphone and a sim card with DATA only ( don't really care about voice calls , have noone to call ) ?? Any suggestions guidelines ??? If such a thing is important let's assume a 10 days trip so I would have to pick a 15 day package and not a 7 days one .

Also have I understood it correctly that afterwards I would have to go to the basement of the airport , find a ticket vending machine ( again if I understood things correctly I should be looking for the JR East station ) get my suica card and get on Narita Express ( for example ) and go to Tokyo Station ??
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Re: Smartphone and SIM Card Rental 2022/11/10 11:21
If you want to rent wifi or a sim card with data only and not using phone calls, you can literally just rent a portable wifi device. I've done that in the past and they should have them at the airport, but you can also order it online and have it shipped on the arrival date of when you'll land to the airport and pick it up from the local post office inside the airport.

It's pretty easy to do and very convenient.
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