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Alternative to Fukui Dinosaur Museum? 2022/11/6 01:43
My trip to Japan is coming up in early January. Now I've got everything booked and ready to go. I'll be spending 7 weeks there from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Today, I've discovered something that greatly disappointed me. I scheduled one day for visiting Dinosaur Museum in Fukui. Before Covid lockdown, I tried going there during my last trip to Japan. Unfortunately, that day turned out to be a museum holiday. This time I carefully checked its website making sure the museum will be opened. However, I just checked the website again today, they have a new info wasn't there last time I checked in late September. Museum will be closed for renovation from Dec 25, 2022 until summer 2023 :-(

I can't alter my schedule now. It is really packed 7-week schedule. I have to spend 1 day in Fukui and don't know what to do. Maybe I can go to Eiheiji Temple instead but, since I was so much looking forward going to Dinosaur Museum, another temple doesn't really interest me much. I'll be visiting plenty of temples in other places anyway.

Do you know any fun places besides Dinosaur Museum around there? I'll be driving a car so I can go anywhere.
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Re: Alternative to Fukui Dinosaur Museum? 2022/11/6 08:23
Do you like onsen? You are saying your schedule is already very packed... so a day in an onsen town to relax in the middle of winter sounds like a great thing.

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Re: Alternative to Fukui Dinosaur Museum? 2022/11/6 08:27

I had a car at my disposal (I was staying with friends) but I went to Tojinbo and did a soba making class in Fukui. This was back in 2000 I think, but I would think similar classes are still offered. I really enjoyed Tojinbo.

Good luck!
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Re: Alternative to Fukui Dinosaur Museum? 2022/11/6 09:50
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