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Shower options at Haneda airport? 2022/11/7 19:19
I see the Shower Room facility is marked as "currently unavailable" on the airport's website. Is there any other options for shower? We arrive after an overnight flight and would really want to refresh and change our clothes before spending a whole day in the city.. thank you!
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Re: Shower options at Haneda airport? 2022/11/8 08:52
there are a lot of public baths (onsen) nearby Haneda airport and also in the city.
you can enjoy public bath at a reasonable price at any time.
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Re: Shower options at Haneda airport? 2022/11/8 14:17
Agree with PP, would be a nice start to your time in Japan to start with a public bath at a sento or super sento. You say you arrive in the morning, so check the opening times. This one in Oimachi for example opens at 9:30 am and closes at 8:30 am

This one here is very nice and relatively close to Yamanote line and opens at 10:00 am

If you let us know where you plan to spend your first day in Tokyo we can give some further suggestions.

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