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New Year's Eve & Day in Kyoto 2022/11/15 18:31
For my upcoming trip, I have been searching for over the past 5 months for something to do on New Year's day in Kyoto by myself. I didn't really want to just be alone all day wandering around and I know there won't be much open and lots of crowds....

I found this guided bus tour that I thought would be a good way to see most of the things I want to see in a very short amount of time (I am only in Kyoto 3 days, including NYE and NY Day).

Do you think this is a good option? Appreciate the thoughts!
Also - Places/attractions that will definitely be closed during this time period?

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Re: New Year's Eve & Day in Kyoto 2022/11/15 19:15
There is a tour conductor, but I personally feel that the price is quite high.
If you have 3 days, you can go around by public transportation.
There are also tours like this, although they go to slightly different places.
I haven't been there, but it might be good to go to Yasaka Shrine or Chionin on New Year's Eve.
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Re: New Year's Eve & Day in Kyoto 2022/11/15 23:47
Kyoto's main attractions are temples and shrines, so it is less affected by the New Years holiday than many other cities. There will be hatsumode. That is a special time, but if you are not interested in that and are just trying to do regular tourist travel, I suppose it could be annoying.

In general, museums close over this time period. Sometimes there are exceptions, but you'd need to check the website of the specific museum you want to visit to see if it will be open.

The Kyoto Railway Museum is closed from Dec 30-Jan 1.

Nijo Castle is closed at the end of December and the Ninomaru Palace cannot be entered from Jan 1-3.
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