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Using larger money notes in Japan 2022/11/21 05:48
I ordered some yen so I have some cash to arrive in Japan for my trip soon, but the agent has sent me the cash in 10,000 yen notes only.

Will this be a problem to use for buying a ticket for the monorail at Haneda or to spend in shops?
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Re: Using larger money notes in Japan 2022/11/21 12:16
No problem. 10,000 yen notes are very common and not that big anyway. Not like 500 Euro notes. 10,000 Yen are only like 70 USD/Euros.
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Re: Using larger money notes in Japan 2022/11/21 12:17
this will not be a problem at all. \10,000 notes are very commonly used.
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Re: Using larger money notes in Japan 2022/11/21 12:30
For buying a train ticket at a vending machine, you might have to break it down to 1,000 yen notes somewhere (or you can go to a manned ticket counter). Using 10,000 yen notes at convenience stores, coffee stands, etc., in the airport or general stores in town will be no problem.

The situations where i would go out of my way to try to avoid using that big bill is (1) when taking a taxi early in the morning for a very short distance (like where the fare will be under 1,000 yen), or (2) at mom-and-pop stores (again to pay a small amount). Thatfs about it.
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Re: Using larger money notes in Japan 2022/11/22 23:24
It can be used in most places, but a few exceptions.

1) vending machines (drinks, ramen shop/food court menu tickets mainly)

2) local buses payment box (machine).
High-way(toll road/exp way) buses and airport buses are not.

3) taxi for short ride (NOT all time)
It doesn't write/say "cannot be used for payment." anywhere,
bc morning and night, they have 5000Y,1000Y notes enough usual.

Anyway, if possible buy a IC card such as "Suica" instead of real money.
Also "PASMO" and "Monorail-Suica" cards have same functions.
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Re: Using larger money notes in Japan 2022/11/23 17:20
I once saw a tourist insisting on paying her 200+\ fares with a 10,000\ note, holding up the bus (the bus was going to Nikko station) that was packed to the gills and causing great angst to the poor driver. She flatly refused to get off.
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