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Matsumoto to Tsumago 2022/11/24 06:55
Is it possible to take a train from Matsumoto to Tsumago? What train(s)? I would also like to spend the night. Which booking site has rooms for Tsumago?
by Naomi Bickford (guest)  

Re: Matsumoto to Tsumago 2022/11/24 09:12
Hi, access is explained at the bottom of this page https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e6077.html

There are various options for accommodation there if you search for them, though I dont know if many have toilets in the rooms, due to their age (if that is important to you). We ended up staying at Hotel Kisoji last time we went which is a bit of an onsen resort, but to be honest it wasnt really my favorite place I've stayed. We are going back next year and staying at Kiso Fukushima as a base to trot backward and forward along the train lines there.
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