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Not moving to Japan after getting COE 2022/11/24 08:47
Hi, I currently have a company in Okinawa that's trying to sponsor me and I'm in the stage of waiting for my Certificate of Eligibility. Some things in my life have changed lately that made me rethink my choice to move to Japan at this moment.
I'm not quite sure yet and I'm sure I will move to Japan in the future even if not now, but I was wondering if my chances to get a COE in the future will be effected by my choice. I'm sure the same company will think twice about trying to hire me, but how about the government?
I've lived in Japan three times before for studying, internship and work.

I hope someone can help me with this question.
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Re: Not moving to Japan after getting COE 2022/11/24 11:34
The only thing I can say is that once you make up your mind you must inform the company who offered you the job as soon as you can, explain the situation/reasons, and apologize. That is only decent. They will withdraw the application for you then. They have invested time and trouble to apply on your behalf.

Next time if you get another employer to sponsor you for a CoE/visa in the future, the government will be able to see from your passport number that another application was made and withdrawn in the past, but they also know peoplefs circumstances change, so, well, Ifd say no big deal, UNLESS the current sponsor holds a grudge against you and says something negative about you.
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Re: Not moving to Japan after getting COE 2022/11/24 17:51
@ AK

Thank you so much for your fast and elaborate reply. I will definitely let the company know and apologize as soon as I decide what to do. I really understand it's quite a lot of work for a company to sponsor someone so I feel really bad about it. I know the boss of the company personally from my former job, which doesn't make it easier though I don't think they'll hold a grudge against me (I really hope they don't ^^").

Anyway, thanks so much again for the fast reply. I really appreciate it.
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