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Rabbit situation on Okunoshima 2022/11/25 03:50
Hey folks,

I've visited Okunoshima about five years ago and would like to do so again next spring to show it to my daughter.
However, I've read several articles (and one recent forum-post here) that the number of rabbits has decreased dramatically due to lack of food no longer provided by missing tourists.

All these articles are from mid '21, however, and knowing a bit about the reproduction cycle of rabbits, I think that there is a good chance the situation might have, well, resolved itself by now or coming next spring with increasing tourist numbers.
(The official website and any recent travel reports make no remark on in- or decrease of the current situation.)

But as the trip there is quite time consuming I would like to be sure that there are quite a few bunnies to see ;) Otherwise we could just visit a petting zoo and save ourselves two days in our itinerary.
So, coming back to my topic:

Does anyone have any information of how the rabbit situation is like on Okunoshima at the present time?

Thanks for your help
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Re: Rabbit situation on Okunoshima 2022/11/25 14:57
I googled it. Found ots of videos on youtube from this year. Both looks fine and they suggest its fine. Just on youtube and judge for yourself.
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Re: Rabbit situation on Okunoshima 2022/11/25 21:37
Thank you very much, I will indeed compare those to our visit from back in 2017.
(Could have come up with that on my own, sorry)
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Re: Rabbit situation on Okunoshima 2022/11/27 12:00
I'm sure somebody there is keeping a tally of the rabbit population, though I can't say if there's been some dramatic decline. But you are likely going to be disappointed if you see those videos and expect the rabbits to stampede and mob you like in some of them - it really isn't like that now. There are lots of them around, and they tolerate you petting them a bit to get some food, but they are not like a house cat or dog, and your child should know that.
Also I suggest you buy some rabbit food for them before you board the ferry (there are small bags of them for sale at the ferry office). I saw others bringing in carrots, cabbage and lettuce, but the rabbits did not seem too interested in those foods - they loved the rabbit food though (one grabbed my bag and ran off with it). Plus, I suggest you get there in the morning if possible - I didn't and most of them were rather languid and sleepy during the sunny afternoon.
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Re: Rabbit situation on Okunoshima 2022/11/27 18:29
Hey Ken,

thanks for your reply and suggestions.

Several reports said the decline was dramatic, so I guess there is something to it.
But, as I mentioned, bunnies will be bunnies ;)

The situation you describe sounds quite like what we encountered in 2017, so that would be perfectly fine.
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