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Hotels 2022/11/25 16:19
At the moment I'm planning to make a trip to japan for 2 weeks! I'll be bringing along around 3000-3500usd. I'm debating on if thats enough

I don't want to stay in just Tokyo so I'm conflicted on if I should stay in one hotel for the whole trip and if I travel take a bus and it's late or i get side tracked will my budget be enough for a one night stay where I am located so I can return to my original hotel the next day.

I'll most likely have a ic card and a Jr rail pass for travels
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Re: Hotels 2022/11/25 17:26
What the question?

Enough money?

Japan has these magic machines call ATM's. They dispurse money.
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Re: Hotels 2022/11/26 00:52
To OP, yes, whatfs the question?

Japan has these magic machines call ATM's. They dispurse money.

Last time i checked ATMs dont print money. They only give you YOUR money.
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Re: Hotels 2022/11/26 02:57

As @LikeBike said, time of year is very important. Hotels generally cost a lot more certain times of the year and have fewer vacancies.

Can you do a two week trip to Japan for US 3000-3500 USD land only, of course. Some times of the year are more expensive, some activities are more expensive, and some souvenirs are more expensive, so how you want to fit that budget around those questions makes a huge difference.

There are a lot of day trips and places you can visit from Tokyo that are not as expensive to visit. This website lists a ton of them from Nikko to Kamakura. Going to Kamakura is going to be under $25 round trip, so you can easily do it multiple times if you wanted.

However if you plan to only stay at the Peninsula, Amman, Park Grand Hyatt, Shangri La, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Mandarin Oriental, and possibly the Conrad and Palace, you're going to find your budget doesn't go very far, as each of those hotels tends to run close to 1k a night or more.

Good luck planning!
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Re: Hotels 2022/11/26 03:26
Sorry I guess I didn't focus on the question but I suppose my question is.

is the 3000- 3500 enough for like a last minute for one night stay at a capsule hotel or something cheap and still have enough spending money for food and shopping if that situation comes up a few day in my two week stay?
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Re: Hotels 2022/11/26 03:39
In your First comment, you write 3000 to 3500 us$
In your last comment you also wrote 3000 to 3500 us$ for 2 weeks trip. am i correct?
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Re: Hotels 2022/11/26 04:55
And depends on what you mean by last minute. Do you mean you are going to Japan next week?

Or are you talking over New Years? December 23-January 3rd is one of the most expensive times in Japan, and prices just get higher the closer to the dates and the closer to December 31st and January 1st. If you're talking December 1st to December 14th, Japan is overall just much cheaper, the same can be said for January 4-17th.

Some business hotels are cheaper than capsule hotels, the rooms are just tiny. I would put your dates in an aggregate hotel site like Booking or Agoda and see what you get. (I find Expedia tends to give you more expensive hotels.)

So just as an example, if you are just looking for cheap and a room, you can stay in the Keio Presso Otemachi from December 23-January 2nd tax inclusive and with breakfast in a small single room (smoking, don't know how bad it will smell) for under $800 USD and that covers the most expensive time of the year.

If you want non smoking you can pay about the same price for the Hen na Hotel Hamamatsucho.

These are not 5 star hotels.

There are capsule rooms as well, but if you have a lot of stuff, a hotel room might make more sense. But you need to figure out what you are doing soon if you are looking at December 26-January 3.

If by soon you mean other dates that don't include New Years, your options are much much larger, though again, I think most hotels don't expect someone to stay there for two weeks straight so mixing things up a bit might get you greater availability.

Good luck!
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