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JR East Service Center closed when I arrive? 2022/11/25 17:41
Based on research, I am in need of service at the JR East Service Center. My flight is scheduled to land at 15:30, but I am sure with luggage claims and customs/etc, I would likely miss the time of operation of the Service Center. I also have a disability so it is not possible to walk fast for me, either way - the timing is really close.

I need to do currency exchange first and foremost... Afterwards, service I need at the service center is N'EX Ticket to Shibuya, IC Card, pick up 7 day JR Pass, and use Yamato service to ship my luggage.

I saw that the JR Service Center can do all four of those things, so I was really happy. But I found out that they close at 17:00! What are my options?

1. Yamato Forwarding service of my luggage - I am traveling with one other; total 2 backpacks on our backs, 2 carry on luggage we will keep with us, and 2 large luggage. We would like to ship the luggage because it was recommended, as N'EX trains may not have space for so many luggages.
1a: Bonus: If we are able to take all 4 of our luggage onto the N'EX, will we have enough time to grab our luggage and exit the train? I am used to train doors opening and closing immediately and don't want to miss our stop.
2. N'EX Ticket - maybe buy using vending machine, since this is one way ticket to Shibuya?
3. Welcome IC Card, or regular IC Card - I don't know where to get these
4. Pick up 7 Day JR Pass - maybe I can pick this up at the Shibuya station the next day? I am not going to activate immediately.

Thank you in advance!! I'd love to travel with a peace of mind.

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Re: JR East Service Center closed when I arrive? 2022/11/25 18:17
All the things you need to do can be down at the ticket window after 17:00.

No need for luggage forwarding. It will fit on the train.
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Re: JR East Service Center closed when I arrive? 2022/11/25 19:26
There is not only a JR East Service Center but also a JR ticket office as well. It closes at 9:45 pm.

2. N'EX Ticket
3. Welcome IC Card, or regular IC Card
4. Pick up 7 Days JR Pass
Those matters can do at the JR Ticket office.
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Re: JR East Service Center closed when I arrive? 2022/11/25 19:53
The Japan Rail Pass can be picked up at the Ticket Office (Midori-no-madoguchi,みどりの窓口) from 19:00 to 21:45 for Terminal 1 and from 20:00 to 21:45 for Terminal 2.
The year-end and New Year holidays are likely to be closed.
You can buy both suica and Narita Express tickets here.
Baggage delivery
Currency Exchange
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Re: JR East Service Center closed when I arrive? 2022/11/25 20:31
You can get cash from 7/11 and post office (check the hours online) in addition to money changers tho the rates may or may not be favourable from money changers.
I generally load up a debit Mastercard from Citibank (used to be Visa) & withdraw cash from the above. Conversation rates are generally good, no fees levied when using in Japan.

Have a look
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Re: JR East Service Center closed when I arrive? 2022/11/26 03:12

Your large bags have to be very large to not fit on the NEX. It (and the Haruka) are specifically designed for people with a lot of luggage and have a separate area just for bags. I have only been on a very crowded NEX where finding luggage space was hard and it was going from Tokyo Station to Narita. (There were a ton of Australian skiers and the skis took up almost all overhead space.) i usually find the train from Narita to Tokyo is much quieter.

The NEX does a lovely job of letting you know when you are getting close to your station. They play a little chime and an announcement comes on giving you time to gather possessions up and exit. Since Shibuya is not the first stop, you will hear it before you arrive in Tokyo Station. There is also a map in most train cars showing where the train is on the route.

I got my Welcome Suica and exchanged my pass in the JR ticket Office. It was quite easy, though I have sometimes had to wait in line. I can't remember which terminal I tend to do this in, but there is a Starbucks nearby and I tend to go there first so my kid is less cranky.

You'll have a great time!
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Re: JR East Service Center closed when I arrive? 2022/11/26 07:02
While all your luggage certainly will fit into the NEX , I wonder if you can manage to transport all that luggage in Shibuya and to your hotel. You write you have a disability and cant walk very fast. In Narita taking the train is quite easy but in Shibuya you may be faced with steps or extra walking to get to an elevator in a crowded station going up and down multiple times until you are finally on the street or in the metro. I personally find Shibuya is a very messy station. It doesnt help that it’s under construction for the last many years. Probably (!) if you know your way around that station perfectly you can avoid stairs. But if you are like me just following the signs to your exit / next metro line, you’ll most certainly stumble over some stairs going up , down, over, under, until you finally reach your destination.
If you just need to change from the NEX to another JR train, things are much easier.

So I would “vote” for shipping at least some of your baggage.
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Re: JR East Service Center closed when I arrive? 2022/11/26 11:49
already answered another Q abt the time and place of exchange pass at NRT.

However, if u are not using JR-PASS fr NRT,
u may not need to exchange it at NRT, but it depends on what time u leave,
since the window for exchange does not open until 10:00 AM. at SHIBUYA stn.

For the same price, take the "KEISEI Skyliner" to Nippori stn first,
then take "JR Yamanote Line (inner loop)" to Shibuya stn is fater than N'EX.
"KEISEI" is BLUE ticket counter in NRT (JR is RED, side by side).
Transferring at the Nippori stn is easy.
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