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Nice Ryokan in Kusatsu 2022/11/30 22:13

i plan a trip to japan for next july or september.
can you please recommend me a nice ryokan with onsen in kusatsu?
it should have japanese style rooms with futon beds and also great dinner and breakfast.

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Re: Nice Ryokan in Kusatsu 2022/12/1 04:20
I cant remember the name of the one we stayed at (might have been the Kusatsu Naraya, not 100% sure), but just make sure they have air conditioners in the room. We travelled in May and expected it to be cool, it was actually hot there and no air conditioning, the room was like an oven. It it likely to be hot when you are going.

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Re: Nice Ryokan in Kusatsu 2022/12/1 06:37
yes, it was Kusatsu Naraya. So i would say that:

1. the place is beautiful, a very charming onsen hotel;
2. the room we had was quite nice, but awfully hot with no air conditions. They brought in some air purifiers and fans that helped a little;
3. I can remember thinking that the dinner was a little disappointing, for a ryokan (which is still fantastic compared to normal meals). I think breakfast was nice though, breakfasts at ryokans are my favorite part about it;
4. the baths were good, but very busy.

So a bit of a mixed bag for that one, I'm afraid.
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