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Kansai airport to Nachi Fall 2022/12/1 08:54
I arrive at Kansai airport and plan to travel from Kansai airport to nachi fall. Please advise how many inter change I need.
I would appreciate if you can list the train line, which train station I need to change train line and if possible the platform I need to aboard.
Your help is most appreciated.
Thank you.
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Re: Kansai airport to Nachi Fall 2022/12/1 16:15

I just went to Nachi Falls from Osaka about 3 weeks ago. It is really easy. Take the train from the Kansai Airport to Tennōji Train Station. There is a train from Tennoji that goes to Nachi Falls. There are direct trains and other trains where you need to transfer to local train, but the station is so small it is impossible to miss it (1 track either way). I recommend staying at the hotel on the island. It might be pricey but it is a great place. The onsen is in a cave under the ocean. The rooms are very comfortable and Japanese-style.
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Re: Kansai airport to Nachi Fall 2022/12/1 17:42
Kansai airport (via Hineno) Kii-Katsuura (by train): about 4 hrs.


You can search by youself.

Bus from Kii-Katsuura station to Nachi-no-taki-mae: about 25 min.


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