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Escorted Kyoto Taxi Tour 2022/12/4 19:38
I have some friends in their 60s who have booked a 2 week escorted tour which includes Tokyo, Suwa, Takayama, Shirakawa-Go, Kamikochi and Matsumoto. They would like to arrive early and visit some other must-see places like Kyoto.

I think that an extra 5 days - a 3 day stay in Kyoto plus travel to and from Tokyo would probably be sufficient to round off their trip. However I am wanting some suggestions for bus or taxi tours since there is a lot to see in Kyoto and they may be limited in the amount of walking they can do.

Are the Kyoto City Visitors Hosts recommended?

Are there sightseeing buses?

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Re: Escorted Kyoto Taxi Tour 2022/12/5 14:25
Check here for sightseeing buses.
Depending on the season, the content may change.
Among taxi companies in Kyoto, MK Taxi is particularly famous.
If you want to keep it reasonable, I think you should use trains, subways, and buses. (The bus may be congested.)
Use Japan Guide, Lonely Planet, etc. to choose the place you want to visit.
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Re: Escorted Kyoto Taxi Tour 2022/12/5 14:36
If you need a guide when traveling on your own, you can also request a volunteer guide in advance.
There are several volunteer guide groups in Kyoto.
List of English-speaking tourist information centers in Kyoto
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Re: Escorted Kyoto Taxi Tour 2022/12/6 09:49
How about this guy?


I have never used his service, but seems to be fine since he is a professional guide approved by the Japanese government.
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Re: Escorted Kyoto Taxi Tour 2022/12/11 16:27
Thank you both for these suggestions. I'll pass them on to my friends.
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