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Gotemba to Kyoto 2022/12/6 02:11
I am planning to go to Gotemba and stay for a night this December. The main purpose is to go shopping at Gotemba premium outlets. I need recommendation for:
1. Which area should I stay near Gotemba?
2. What to visit near Gotemba except the premium outlet?
3. Transportation method to Kyoto without returning to Tokyo

Thank you very much
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Re: Gotemba to Kyoto 2022/12/6 12:09
Hakone is close to Gotemba. And many touristy sites on google maps within town limits.

Train to Mishima or Odawarra, then Shinkansen to Kyoto. May require 1 or 2 transfers.
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Re: Gotemba to Kyoto 2022/12/6 12:13
Please let us know about your trip!
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Re: Gotemba to Kyoto 2022/12/6 12:38
1, I have never stayed, but if I stay in Gotemba, I think Toki no Sumika is good.
However, I think it would be better to stay in Hakone (around Sengokuhara) because the distance between Toki no Sumika and Hakone is not much different.
Dormy Inn and Rembrandt Premium are also on the way to Hakone.
There is a direct bus from Tokinosumika, and a bus via Senkoku from Gora and Hakone Yumoto.
Toki no Sumika
Hakone has more sightseeing spots.
If you use the JR PASS, I think it would be better to go to Numazu on the Gotemba Line, move to Mishima, and take the Shinkansen.
The Gotemba Line is under the jurisdiction of JR Tokai.
However, the Gotemba line has few trains, so it might be better to go via Hakone. Take a bus bound for Gora, transfer from Gora to the Hakone Tozan Railway, go to Odawara and board the Shinkansen.
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