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Nikko Samurai Festival 2022/12/10 14:47
My 4 year old son is interested in samurais, and I am thinking of visiting Nikko during the Grand Spring Samurai Festival in Nikko in May 2023. I have a few questions:
- Is it unwise or even dangerous to bring a child to such a crowded festival?
- Will the usual tourist attractions such as the Chuzenji Lake, various waterfalls and temples/shrines in Nikko be open during the period of the festival (17-18 May)?
- Are there any tickets that I need to book to observe the horseback archery and samurai procession?

Thank you for any advice.
by Cheng (guest)  

Re: Nikko Samurai Festival 2022/12/11 01:13
You are most welcome with your Four
years old son in samurai festival.
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Re: Nikko Samurai Festival 2024/1/14 03:06
Hi! Would be very interested to hear your feedback on the 1000 samourai procession in Nikko :)
We might try to go to it in 2024 with my bf

thank you
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Re: Nikko Samurai Festival 2024/1/14 21:15
You can certainly take your 4-year-old son there. I went there once and I saw many families there with kids and I could see that they were having a good time.
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