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Illumination of Kyoto Senbon torii at night? 2022/12/12 04:42
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Are the Senbon torii in Kyoto illuminated in the evening and at night, and may one climb the mountain after sunset? I saw those torii gates illuminated at night on YouTube and people taking an evening stroll, but I was uncertain whether this is a regular occurrence or a special occasion when the gates are illuminated.
Maybe you can bring light into the dark.

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Re: Illumination of Kyoto Senbon torii at night? 2022/12/12 14:38
Fushimi Inari is open 24 hrs, so anyone can enter the shrine site anytime,
the Senbon-torii is lit so that visitors can pass through it at night,
but the lighting up of senbon-torii with lanterns is seasonal.



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