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From Narita Airpirt to Tokyo using NfEX 2022/12/22 08:27

I am planning to go to Japan next year and as of now Ifm preparing by getting all kinds of basic information needed to find my ways over there. I was wondering how does the basic fare + limited fare tickets work when you want to use the NfEX to Tokyo from Narita?

Ifve read that you can use the IC card (Suica) for the basic fare part, but it doesnft work for the limited fare ticket. So how can I get the limited fare ticket when using my IC card? Nowadays, like Apple, you can use your wallet/apple pay when using Suica, so Ifm also curious how does that work when you donft use the physical card but instead use your smartphone wallet when buying a ticket from the vending machines?

My question(s) does sound a bit confusion, but I hope somebody can help me with this.


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Re: From Narita Airpirt to Tokyo using NfEX 2022/12/22 08:52
Go to a ticket machine and use your IC ad the form of payment.
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Re: From Narita Airpirt to Tokyo using NfEX 2022/12/23 09:39
Smartphones cannot be used at the reserved-seat ticket machines at NRT.
If you do not purchase a card type "Suica", buy it with cash (JPY) or an accepted credit card.

If you purchase the "Suica" card type, you can buy a paper ticket at reserved-seat ticket vending machine.
You can get on the train by touch(swipe) your smartphone or the Suica card either and insert a paper ticket the automatic ticket gate.

Besides that, since idk yr itinerary, please check if you can use a "discount ticket" or not.
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