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Automatic gate and JR pass 2022/12/26 22:52
Does anyone with JR pass had already used the automated gate for customs at Narita airport ? How do you obtained the temporary visitor stamp on your passport? The JR pass web site says that we can ask a clerk to apply a stamp/sticker in our passport. Is there always a clerk at automated gate?
Thank you for your answer.
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Re: Automatic gate and JR pass 2022/12/27 10:18
if you are saying about TTP, you can read the outline. see the pictures at the bottom of the webpage.
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Re: Automatic gate and JR pass 2022/12/29 02:49
Thank you for your response. Itfs very useful.
I though we can use the automated gate at immigration as a tourist (without TTP program). I understand that this is not the case.
So no need to worry about the temporary visitor stamp on the passport!
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Re: Automatic gate and JR pass 2023/3/7 05:57
This is an interesting question, but I think that Toshichi has confused things a little bit.

Having a JR Pass has nothing to do with getting through immigration at Narita through the automated gates. These are completely different issues.

However, if a tourist is a participant in the TTP (Trusted Traveler Program), then their passport will not be stamped with a tourist classification. But they will be required to carry the TTP card with them to show that they are in Japan legitimately!

Now, in order to obtain a JR Pass upon arrival in Japan, the JR clerk will need to check the passport to verify tourist status. But a TTP participant won't have the stamp, so they will have to show their TTP card along with their passport to verify their status.

Now, I have not done this yet, and I have yet to get my TTP card (I intend to soon). So, if someone has done the procedure above, I'd love to hear your experience. My narrative above is based on my reading of the procedures of the TTP and JR rail pass.
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