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japanese homecooked style food where? 2023/1/1 23:00
Want to try lunch/dinner that regular japanese people eat daily , things like miso saba, miso soup, etc. Nothing fancy nothing touristy. Where can i try home cooked food in tokyo/kyoto ?
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Re: japanese homecooked style food where? 2023/1/2 12:37
A chain called Ootoya (note itfs pronounced like gOhtoyah) would have what youfd want. I donft know where you are, but there are many locations around town (at least in Tokyo).
The menu looks like this:
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Re: japanese homecooked style food where? 2023/1/2 15:57
I like Ootoya, too, but if you're looking for non-franchise mom-and-pop places, why not ask your hotel for recommendations? There are lots of shokudou (diner) and other places that serve katei-ryouri (homemade cooking) in the alleys. The following TV show is just for reference.

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Re: japanese homecooked style food where? 2023/1/2 20:11
Open google map at your hotel room. Enter supermarket and you can find them near your hotel. Just click one and you can see photos of their foods. Go there and just buy what you want. As for hSimmered mackerel in miso" or "Saba no misoni" there should be canned ones which is around 200 yen/200 g. Note that "fresh food" which you eat immediately might be sold out at late afternoon.

Honestly I always go to local supermarket and buy bento (lunch box) or something at least once when traveling around Japan or foreign countries.
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Re: japanese homecooked style food where? 2023/1/3 22:46
Another fan of Ootoya. They are predictable, reliable, and inexpensive. Also, you can buy single dishes there without having to buy a full dinner set with rice. So you can pick several items off of the gippinh list that suit you. (Of course, it is more expensive to order that way.) Itfs also easy to order a small bowl of rice there with a meal. But Ucofs suggestion is good if you want something that isnft a big chain.

Continuing along the lines of Frog1954fs suggestion, most supermarkets have a microwave that you can use to heat up dishes that should be served warm. (Ask for a pair of chopsticks, or waribashi, when you check out.) Many hotels also have a microwave (sometimes it is in the gvending cornerh and sometimes it is hidden in the laundry room). I like to eat in my hotel room in my pajamas, and very often pull together a meal of tasty items from the extensive offerings at a supermarket or osozaiyasan (place that sells various types of mainly home-style dishes on an individual basis, to go). Beer cans are usually cheaper at a supermarket than from a hotel vending machine, too. (And much cheaper than in a restaurant.) Of course, the experience of dining in a restaurant is very different. If you want a small serving of good pickles with your rice, and also decent home-stye miso soup, you kind of have to go to a shokudo.

Department store basement food floors will also typically have some gordinaryh things that people eat on a day-to-day basis, but they tend to be considerably more expensive and often there is no place to warm things up.
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Re: japanese homecooked style food where? 2023/1/9 22:52
I recommend to go to restaurant which serves "Obanzai" which is homecooked dishes in Kyoto.
Please refer to the website below:
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Re: japanese homecooked style food where? 2023/1/10 10:07
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