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Shiretoko in July without a car 2023/1/4 04:02
I am planning a trip to Hokkaido in July and would like to spend a few days exploring the Shiretoko area. I will be traveling alone and am not comfortable driving in Japan. It seems that I can get to Utoro by public transit. Once I get there, will I be able to get around the area without a car? I am willing to pay to have someone drive me now and then if there is not bus service available. Any other thoughts, suggestions or recommendations are more than welcome. Thank you.
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Re: Shiretoko in July without a car 2023/1/4 20:18
I took a bus to Utoro and then bused to Shiretoko Five Lakes.
I walked from the inn to the sightseeing boat dock.
There is also a bus that goes to Rausu in summer.
The timetable may be updated, so it is better to check it just before.
Regular sightseeing buses require reservations by phone,
You may be able to make a reservation at the tourist information office instead.
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Re: Shiretoko in July without a car 2023/1/5 00:08
Thank you so much. This information is very helpful. I have more questions if you have the time to answer. Do you have a recommendation for where to stay, probably in Utoro? Is it necessary to take half board at the hotel/onsen or are there restaurants for breakfast and dinner? I am planning to spend several nights in Shiretoko and really don't want to have buffet meals twice a day for all of the days I am there. Thank you again.
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Re: Shiretoko in July without a car 2023/1/5 10:29
I don't know if I would recommend it, but I stayed at Yuhi no Ataru Ie when it was a youth hostel. (about 30 years ago)
It looks like they are closed now.
You can check Shiretoko sightseeing information here.
TripAdvisor reviews may also be helpful.
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