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Choosing a Ryokan in Okuhida Onsen 2023/1/7 22:42
Hi everyone,
for our trip in May we picked Okuhida Onsen for a Ryokan stay, between Takayama and Matsumoto.
We've seen multiple accomodations and among them these seem to be the best:
Miyama Ouan, Yumoto Choza, Kakurean Hidaji
Dinner + Breakfast for 4 people is out choice

Has anyone visited one of these places?
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Re: Choosing a Ryokan in Okuhida Onsen 2023/1/8 21:01
i have not been in any of those you mention (but they all look great), but i can recommend:
Shinhotaka Onsen Yarimikan ̓
location i great (easy to reach Shinhotaka Ropeway if you want to expierience the beauty of the japanese alps without much walking) and it has a lot of different style onsens (including very beautiful next to the river and one with a swing)
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Re: Choosing a Ryokan in Okuhida Onsen 2023/1/10 02:27
Stayed at Yumoto Cyoza several years ago, and from what I remember it was very nice.
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