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Ashikaga Flower Park without luggage 2023/1/10 10:14
We are visiting Japan in October 2023 and will be travelling from Tokyo to Nikko using a JR Pass, detouring to Ashikaga Flower Park on the way. We wish to leave our luggage (only 2 suitcases) safely at either Oyama Station or at Ashikaga Flower Park on the way into the park and collect it a few hours later before travelling north to Nikko. Is this possible? What costs are likely to be involved? Is it better to use a Takuhaiban (Takkyubin) service instead and carry our overnight requirements with us, as this service is next-day delivery? Should we bypass Ashikaga Flower Park completely at this time of year?
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Re: Ashikaga Flower Park without luggage 2023/1/10 15:36
As far as I remember, the Ashikaga Flower Park station was pretty small.
Oyama station seems to have some coin lockers, the largest size being 35 x 87 x 57cm (not too many), which costs 700 yen per day.
If your suitcase is quite big, forwarding it with Takuhaibin would be more convenient.

The park itself has some (but not many) coin lockers at the entrance.

The parkfs blog from October 2022 was like this:

THey seem to have amethyst sage and autumn rose blooming around that time of the year.
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Re: Ashikaga Flower Park without luggage 2023/1/10 22:59
Yes the station at the park is VERY small. Best to either ship luggage or leave it at a larger station you are going to pass through again. I personally would ship it. The cost difference to storage isnft that huge.

Anyway, if you go to Ashikaga flower park , donft miss out on Kurota museum just across the road. For me this was the highlight of my day out at Ashikaga.

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