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Japanese pension for foreigners 2023/1/12 09:01
Hi all,

could someone help me understand the system please.

The scenario is: one is employed full time with a Japanese company and this company is regularly paying into the national pension system.

I read somewhere that in case of a foreigner (international talent), after only 10 years of contributions one becomes eligible to receive a pension once 67 years old (instead of the standard minimum 25 years of contributions that apply to a Japanese national). As long as the residence of said foreigner is not in Japan anymore.

Is this how it works? Does anyone have any experience of this, and how much roughly are we talking about in terms of monthly pension payments?

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Re: Japanese pension for foreigners 2023/1/12 14:41
What you read about the pension system is wrong here and there that I donft know where to start.

- Several years ago, the minimum of 25 years was changed to 10 years for everyone who is enrolled in the pension program.

- Eligibility starts at 65, though you can delay it.

- You donft have to be residing outside Japan to receive it (unless you are talking about lump sum payment upon leaving Japan).

My non-Japanese husband, who is living in a Japan now, is over 65, has been receiving his pension since he applied for it. (Yes you need to go to the pension office to start receiving it).

- The amount depends completely on what your salary has been, how many years you (and your employer) have contributed into it, so there is no general answer for that.
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Re: Japanese pension for foreigners 2023/1/13 08:46
There is quite a lot of good information on the internet about pensions in Japan. The full pension is based on how many months you contribute based on a 40 year (480 month) timeframe between the ages 20 to 59. So if you work/contribute 10 years, you get 25%. Also, the full pension is not particularly generous.
Sample reference:
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Re: Japanese pension for foreigners 2023/1/13 11:21
Thank you very much for your answers.

Yes I had a look at various pages on the internet but not being familiar with the system itfs not so easy to understand for me.

The bottom line is, after a minimum of 10 years contributing (hopefully Ifll be doing much more than that) Ifll be getting -something- at least.
This is important to me as I donft have any other national pension anywhere else.

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