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Yoshinoya still serving wagyu beef? 2023/1/14 14:12
Some time ago, Yoshinoya was selling wagyu beef but only at Haneda Airport, which would be a great way to try Wagyu beef for a reasonable price in a convenient location.
I have eaten wagyu beef before and love it so it won't be my first taste of wagyu, I also love Yoshinoya and while I understand it is not made into a "classic" gyuudon but served in pieces rather than shavings, it is still Yoshinoya :)

Just wondering if anyone knows if the airport Yoshinoya still serves wagyu so I can decide to check it out or not. I am arriving quite late in the evening so if they do not anymore I will just head to my hotel as soon as possible instead.
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Re: Yoshinoya still serving wagyu beef? 2023/1/15 19:08
I' don't think they use wagyu any more. (The links shown below in Japanese language are just for backup)

The wagyu menu was first available at a limited number of their branches, then they expanded it to every branch under the condition that they would only be available until it was sold out.

Their official website does say it's not available any more.

Similarly, "Japanese beef" is not clearly indicated in their official ingredients list.

I'd also like to add that eat-ins in general have been closing earlier since the pandemic, although I'm not updated on international terminals. However, convenience stores in the cities are generally opened until around midnight.
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Re: Yoshinoya still serving wagyu beef? 2023/1/15 22:59
Thanks for saving me the time. It's a real shame they scrapped it. Perhaps now they no longer have a surplus of wagyu like they did during the pandemic.
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Re: Yoshinoya still serving wagyu beef? 2023/1/16 01:03
From the first link, which is their news release announcing the expansion, I get the impression that they reluctantly expanded sales even though they struggle to keep the price lower, to (A) help boost wagyu sales during the pandemic and to (B) grant requests from customers who loved the special wagyu menu that was only available at their Parliament branch at the time.

Yoshinoya is, of course, known for their reasonable prices. They even set the expansion price about 100 yen cheaper than the price at their Parliament branch, just so that their new price of 1290 yen would be a pun meaning "good meat". ("Good meat" is "ii-ni-ku" which sounds similar to 1-2-9.) Restaurant businesses have been having a hard time in the pandemic, and I suppose the campaign was meant to be short-term in the first place.

I wonder if Tokyo Karubi's Haneda Airport branch offers wagyu. It seems that they did offer Sendai Beef tongue BBQ as of Dec 2022.
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Re: Yoshinoya still serving wagyu beef? 2023/11/17 00:59
I first visited Japan recently and came back home country on 2 Nov 2023. I managed to take a set meal (price Y 1547) consisting of wagyu bowl, soap and kimchi at Yoshinoya at Haneda Airport, Terminal 3.
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Re: Yoshinoya still serving wagyu beef? 2023/12/21 17:34
Speaking of airport beef options, I can confirm that Tokyo Karubi at Haneda Airport does offer wagyu! I had their regular gyudon there last time I flew out, and I remember seeing wagyu sets on the menu too. But the Sendai Beef tongue BBQ sounds amazing! Maybe I'll have to try that next time.
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