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COE waiting time? 2023/1/17 10:32
My wife applied for my COE at Nagoya immigration, Gifu branch last 11/11/22 and we first got an update from Immigration last December requiring us to submit more documents (tax related) so we processed it and submitted the docs .. end of December. currently, we're still waiting for the result to come out and anxiety is really hitting me hard .
By the way the type of Visa I'm trying to apply is Spouse of a permanent resident.

sorry for my English.
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Re: COE waiting time? 2023/1/17 15:49
You still need to wait for a few weeks more, as the immigration offices throughout Japan are very busy.
if your wife paid all the taxes on time then it's no problem to get the COE.
just be patience.
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Re: COE waiting time? 2023/1/18 11:36
My company submitted docs mid-august 2022 for SSW visa at Nagoya immigration Shizouka branch.its been 5months , and still havent recieve COE. The company responds "only wait" but how long?
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Re: COE waiting time? 2023/1/18 11:49
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