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work to spouse visa if wife is pregnant 2023/1/20 14:57
Hi! I would like to ask if my wife (a Japanese national) being pregnant would badly affect my intended application to switch my visa from a work visa to a spouse visa (have not submitted it yet but may have to due to certain circumstances). As far as we know, it should be my wife who must stand in as my guarantor for this application. However, she will have to stop working a few weeks from now as her work is labor-intensive and will be detrimental to her pregnancy. We are currently living together, and our household income is sufficient with me earning most of it (6M out of 8M annually). We also have enough savings, and my income alone is adequate to continue living comfortably and pay dues, taxes, and insurance while shefs not working.
What are my chances of getting approved or rejected?
Any advice or comment is greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!
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Re: work to spouse visa if wife is pregnant 2023/1/21 06:05
Possibly. No one could really answer it with certainty. Just too many varibles go into each individual case.
As you say, they will have a similar view of her income being low since she is pregnant. But you have large saving, so there is that. And if you yourself have a solid work and tax history for a few years, that will go in your favour also.
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Re: work to spouse visa if wife is pregnant 2023/1/21 06:19
Is there specific reason for changing your residence status to dependent? Letfs see the disadvantages of dependent visa. First of all, you cannot work 40 hours per week, as you did while you had a working visa. You may not continue to work under depedent visa (not sure, but since you cannot work 40 hours per week, it is possible that you may not continue working at your company). Secondly, if you change your status to dependent and then you plan to get a new job, you have to again change your residence status from dependent to working visa. As I know, working visa has more benefits than dependent visa (if you plan to work). Moreover, you have to pay tax to the government (in your case, you have savings and it should not be a problem, as I believe). After thinking all the disadvantages and you plan to change to dependent visa, then probably there should not be a problem. Your wife should apply for a change of status to nearest Immigration Bureau and it is necessary to show stable income, since you cannot work 40 hours as you do right now. It is better to consult with Immigration through phone or dirextly.
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Re: work to spouse visa if wife is pregnant 2023/1/21 06:39
John, OPfs wife is Japanese, so he is going got spouse of Japanese status, not dependent status, so there will be no restriction on the work hours.
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Re: work to spouse visa if wife is pregnant 2023/1/21 10:13
most, maybe all people want to be independent, not to be dependent.
what kind of benefit you will get, when you change your resident status ?
is that benefit worthwhile, overcoming the loss of independency ?
it is better to explain your reason and you need to convince them, to get the change smoothly
you can give them an additional document, like R, when you apply it.
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Re: work to spouse visa if wife is pregnant 2023/1/21 13:42
To OP,
As long as your intention is to stay married with your wife and live in Japan on a stable basis, that is the reason the immigration authorities need to hear to grant you gspouse of Japanese nationalh status, provided the two of you have enough financial means and stability for your living.

For your wifefs work situation, if you apply now, the tax statement for her income will be for the previous tax year (her earning for 2021, tax statement available around June 2022), so it should be no problem.
Best wishes.
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