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Tokyo - Fuji - Nagiso - Shirakawa-go - Nagoya 2023/1/30 20:22
Hello all,

Our entry is Tokyo, exit will be Osaka. Planned for a 14 days trip.
Here's the roadmap : Tokyo - Fuji - Nagiso - Shirakawa-go - Nagoya - Kyoto - Osaka. Does this road map work?

1. I see the we can take train from Tokyo to Fuji, stay a night. Does it make sense to have a day trip instead?
2. How to get from Fuji to Nagiso (Tsumago - Magome) villages and stay. Is 1 night preferable or 2 nights?
3. From Nagiso, we want to visit Shirakawa-go. Stay for a night or two?
4. We then go to Nagoya and continue rest of the travel to Kyoto and Osaka.

What could be the best way to visit Tsumago and Shirakawa-go villages?

Appreciate your suggestions.
by Yug (guest)  

Re: Tokyo - Fuji - Nagiso - Shirakawa-go - Nagoya 2023/1/31 12:53
Going by train, from Kawaguchiko to Nagiso will take you around 5 hours. From Tokyo about 3.
As for Shirakawago, you can see the place in just a few hours (be sure to see the mountaintop overlook of the village).
There is not much that you'd experience with a second night there that you wouldn't get with just one. Have you thought of seeing Takayama as well?
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