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Customs during a temple stay 2023/2/2 00:36
Hello everyone,

In October I'm traveling to Japan for 5 weeks and I have booked two nights in two different temples during my time there. I was wondering if I could bring something for the monks and if so, what should I bring?

I've been reading a lot about the customs and have an extensive do's and don'ts list, but somehow I can't find any conclusive information about this question.

I hope someone on this forum can help me :-)
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Re: Customs during a temple stay 2023/2/3 20:55
It really depends on the type of temple it is. If it's a temple which is pretty touristy such as at Koya San, then it's basic stuff like not getting back too late, taking shoes off, dont make too much noise etc. They would have similar rules to that of a minshiku. Others can also expand - but I'd also shy away from bringing meat products inside as most sects of Japanese Buddhism are vegetarian from memory.

For a temple where the main object is worship - someone who knows more than me is needed.
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Re: Customs during a temple stay 2023/2/4 00:42
I just re-read the original post and ignore. All I can say is food can be a problem as some monks are vegan but there are other rules which can be challenging if there are language differences
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