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Which ferry to Sado Shima? 2023/2/5 04:53
Hi everybody,

I am planning a more than 3 weeks long trip to Japan in spring and want to stay 2 nights on Sado shima.

Is it correct that there are only 2 connections a day between Naoetsu and Sado and at certain times of the year this connection seems to be out of service entirely.


It seems to me that Niigate is the way better port to get to Sado. On the other hand Naoetsu is way easier to reach from Nagano - the region where I will stay before Sado shima.

Does anybody know if non electric bikes can be rented on Sado Shima? I only found electric ones and 4500 Yen for a electric bike is pretty expensive considering that a 1 day bus ticket is only 1500 Yen. I would definitely prefer a non electric bike.
My plan is to rent a bike on both days. One day I want explore the northern part and the other day the southern part.

Thank you ;)
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Re: Which ferry to Sado Shima? 2023/2/5 16:11
Yeas, you found the correct time table. On the Japanese version there is the same info.
It seems they cancelled the jetfoil from Naoetsu, which I know existed a few years ago as I took it getting back from Sadogashima.

Obviously if you time it right, the fact that there are only 2 per day isnft an issue.

Regarding rental bike google gives me this answer (plus the other one that seems to have only e bikes):


Depending on where you want to go I would advise to rent a gproper bikeh not a mamachari. Mamacharis are okay for getting around in a city, but anything over 20 km is a PITA.

Here as inspriartion some rides I did on Sadogashima:


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Re: Which ferry to Sado Shima? 2023/2/6 08:12
While there is a little back-tracking, Nagano to Niigata is actually quite quick and easy - I have done it many times. For my visits to Sado, I usually use the jetfoil, but for my last visit in November got the slower ferry back to Niigata and it was pretty good and not especially long - just a much better timing for onward travel.
Can't advise on the bike situation - usually use the bus. Not all the connections are helpful, but it is pretty useful for the places I usually head to.
Did you consider a car. Wouldn't cost much more than that electric bike.
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Re: Which ferry to Sado Shima? 2023/2/7 08:51
As a footnote to my post yesterday, I recalled the ryokan I used in November had bikes available for rent (I didn't use one). You could inquire with your accommodation, or pick somewhere that has rental bikes.
I also saw that a 24-hour bike hire can be as low as 2000 yen according to the Visit Sado site. and yes, I did see the 4500 yen/24hr option.
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Re: Which ferry to Sado Shima? 2023/2/13 00:42
Thanks for the information.
I extended my stay on Sado to 3/4 nights depending on when I'll leave, evening or next morning ;)

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