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Kawazu sakura 2023 2023/2/7 08:17
Hi, understand that this year sakura festival is from feb 1 to 28. I will be in tokyo on 10 march and was thinking if its worthwhile to make the 2.5 hours trip down to kawazu? I read that the sakura trees will bloom till early march. Anyone knows any website where they track the bloom of the flowers so that i can make an informed decision when i am in japan next month. Thanks for your help.
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Re: Kawazu sakura 2023 2023/2/8 10:41
According to the official website, the trees are expected about 70% blooming around February 21. Now, they seem to be mostly closed. Even around February 15, they are still expected to be only around 20% open. So, it seems that late February and early March may be the best time to visit this year:
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Re: Kawazu sakura 2023 2023/2/8 11:30
Thanks alot! This will be very useful for me or whoever wants to head down to Kawazu. Never seem to be able to find these Japanese websites through google.
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Re: Kawazu sakura 2023 2023/2/12 10:41

I have a follow up question on transportation to Kawazu. I know I can take the Odoriko express to Kawazu from Tokyo. I will be using the Tokyo Wide Area pass. Can I just hop on any Odoriko express that comes along when going back to Tokyo from Kawazu? Can I reserve my seat at Kawazu station? Not sure if there are seat reservation machines at the station?

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Kawazu sakura 2023 2023/2/12 12:42
As far as i know, Kawadu station should have a gMidori no madoguchih - a manned ticket counter where you can purchase limited express tickets.
However, i know that Odoriko trains tend to be very crowded during peak travel season that i would recommend getting a reserved seat in advance (if you have any idea just around when you might want to board a train back to Tokyo).
All seats on Odoriko trains are reserved seats (no un-reserved seating carriages). But they seem to have a gseat not assignedh ticket that you can buy, and IF there is any seat available you could take a seat.
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