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Tecchan 2023/2/7 20:12
What is tecchan? Does it have a lot of fat or very little fat?

This is the tecchan I'm referring to:


I was told it has very little fat, but when I see it being cooked, it looks like it has a lot of fat, so I am confused.
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Re: Tecchan 2023/2/8 12:48
If you're referring to the cut of meat called "tecchan" at yakiniku/horumon restaurants, it's cow large intestine. It's not particularly high in calories, but I think most people would describe the taste as fatty.
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Re: Tecchan 2023/2/8 14:34
When I did research, tripe (which does have little fat) came up, which is why I was told it has little fat. But the image of tripe looks different. Hence my confusion.

This is an example of tripe (but it is not the tecchan I'm referring to) :

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Re: Tecchan 2023/2/8 18:59
I believe tripe is stomach. gTecchanh is large intestines.
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Re: Tecchan 2023/2/9 00:00
I see. So I did a little more research and was able to determine that the intestine (tecchan) is fatty, which is what I suspected, whereas the stomach (tripe) is not. That helps a lot. Thank you!
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