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Lake Motoso and Minobu Line Transit? 2023/2/9 05:33
Hi, some friends and I will be staying at the Koan Camping Ground. We'll be coming towards the city of Kofu from the northwest and since timing is important, coming from the Minobu line via JR is ideal. I'm willing to take a cab from one of the stations on the Minobu Line instead of going all the way to Kawaguchiko as the Camp Grounds suggested since that'll take way longer.

My question is if there are any options to request a cab or better yet a shuttle since I'll be in a group of 5 but willing to split us off if options are limited.
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Re: Lake Motoso and Minobu Line Transit? 2023/2/9 14:43
It is located in nakanokura ,minobu cho,mina mikoma gun district ,yamanashi prefecture
5 km from lake motosu
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Re: Lake Motoso and Minobu Line Transit? 2023/2/9 18:59
I have to admit that I donft know that region but looking at the stations along this JR line on google maps i can see that these are all minuscule stations. Ie there will no taxis be waiting.

There seems to be a taxi company in Minobu itself, so I suggest to call there a few days before you arrive with someone who can speak Japanese and make a taxi reservation. Otherwise I fear youfll be out there lost in the middle of nowhere.
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