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Japan Permanent Resident-moving out of Japan 2023/2/13 12:45
Hello Experts

I am living in Japan from last 4 years and have permanent residency status. I am planning to move to US on company transfer and maybe stay there for next couple of years or maybe settle there only.
I have house in Japan (Its "ikkodate", brought 3 years ago). It would be great if you could guide me on below queries:
1. I am thinking to put house on rent, is there any points to take care regarding this?
2. Since I have home load with Japanese bank, do I need to maintain address in Japan?
3. What actions need to resident cards of my family?
My wife is on spouse of PR holder and kids are on long term status.
4. Do I must need to come every year taxes, if any or there is way to do it from abroad or can be done whenever visit Japan (after 2-3 years).
5. Any another points which I should consider before making the decision to move to US.

thank you very much.
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Re: Japan Permanent Resident-moving out of Japan 2023/2/13 18:18
The following is just some random ideas that came to mind - they are by no means intended to be comprehensive.

1. Youfd need to be able to take care of the house – meaning, any repair and things needed around it as the landlord (some cost needs to borne by the owner). So youfd probably have to appoint someone local as an administrator.

2. If you are going to rent it to a local, theyfd want a Japanese bank account to remit the rent into. Also you mention local taxes – youfd be continuing to pay your fixed asset taxes on the house too - I think it would make sense to keep the account to keep some yen.

3. They are not permanent residents together with you? If they come with you, then their resident status will expire sometime. And if they are staying behind in Japan, your wife in particular might have a difficult time renewing it, since you are not here.

4. Thatfs up to your employer where you get your pay and where you pay your taxes, isnft it? Or, if you have been in Japan for 5 + years already, your worldwide income is subject to income tax here (if it is under 5 years, the income you earn in Japan and the portion of other income that you bring into Japan are subject to income tax), and also you might have rent income. Youfd need to ask a tax attorney about this.

5. Think about how you might want to wrap up your things – including the house – if and when you might decide to settle in the US for good.

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Re: Japan Permanent Resident-moving out of Japan 2023/2/13 21:13
probably, the serious problem is your housing loan. please ask your bank.
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Re: Japan Permanent Resident-moving out of Japan 2023/2/16 00:17
Before you leave, get your re-entry permit updated, it would be extended for next 5 year and make sure you enter Japan and update it before it expires.
You will lose your PR status is re entry is expired while you are outside of Japan so donft let that happen
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Re: Japan Permanent Resident-moving out of Japan 2023/5/27 12:54
I am in almost in similar situation: I am permanent resident, my wife is Japanese, I own properties in Japan and also have a loan for one of them.
My company is asking me to relocate to HongKong for a few years (5 years or more?) We intend to return one to Japan and therefor I wish to continue paying my loan by remitting money to my Japanese bank account.

I would like to know how you managed to keep your permanent residence as well as your loan.
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