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Kimekomi doll-making supplies? 2005/6/25 20:55
I just moved to Yokosuka this past week and I am wondering where I could find the supplies needed to make Kimekomi dolls and other similar traditional Japanese crafts. I took a class once on how to make these dolls back in the states and I was given a kit, but now I have no idea where to buy my own supplies. I haven't done too much shopping yet, but in the craft sections of all the stores I went to, I found nothing. I don't know if many people are too familiar with this kind of stuff, but any help will be appreciated.
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kimekomi supplies 2005/8/29 14:58
I was just in Japan in the Osaka area and went to Hankyu department store and I was in the 8th floor where they have an small area of Kimekomi supplies,also ABC Craft store has alot of material and supplies and dolls you can order. Hope this helps you I think Hankyu and ABC stores are in other areas as well. Good Luck.
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kimekomi supplies in the US 2005/9/9 03:55
I was wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase kimekomi doll-making supplies in the US. I live in the DC area, but online would be okay too, and I'd be more than happy to order from Japan, if the vendor has an English website. I'm not really interested in using a kit; I'd like to make it from scratch. Thanks!
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Washington Japanese Dolls School 2005/9/9 08:16
How interesting that you are in the DC area since there is actually a school that teaches Japanese dollmaking there. From what I read I believe that they do sell supplies to the public but I'm not totally sure. I found that info on the page to which I'm linking you. Here is the website: http://www.japanesedollsandcrafts.com/doll_school/index.html I hope this helps!
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Art Supplies 2005/10/25 22:10
There is a chain of stores called Tokyo Hands. I know of one in Shibuya (in Tokyo) and one which is walking distance from the Yokohama Train Station. These are multistory stores with everything you can imagine. And more. No kidding. I am not sure exactly what supplies you need for your specific hobby, but Hands is a great place to start.
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ooops 2005/10/25 22:13
I meant TOKYU HANDS. Sorry.
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Kamata 2005/10/26 10:14
If you can't find what you need at Tokyu Hands at Yokohama, then go to Kamata, which is the biggest area for crafts. There are numerous shops just near Kamata station on the Keihin-Tohoku line, about 20 minutes from Yokohama station, towards Tokyo.
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Kimekomi supplies 2005/12/27 18:31
Your best bet is to try to go to Asakusabashi in Tokyo there are many doll stores there that sell doll making supplies.
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doll/art supplies 2005/12/31 13:28
Yuzawayain Yokahama next to tain station (logo is a ram's head on a ball of yarn knitting) Crafter's heaven!
In Yokosuka (where the Navy has a base) has a lot to offer on Blue Street. Fabric at Paseo and a craft store down the street from the Yokohama Bank.
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Yep 2006/1/10 13:02
Tokyu Hands is probably your best bet - they have really good crafts sections.
If you can find a branch of Craft Heart Tokai, they have everything you could possibly need! They have about 270 stores in Japan so you may be able to find one.
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Asakusa-bashi 2006/10/26 17:17
There's a great kimekomi place that supplies fabrics and kits in Asakusa-bashi. Turn left getting out of the train station and you're there.
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Looking for supplies in the US 2007/6/2 06:50
I need to know where to find kimekomi supplies in Wisconsin, USA. I have a project to do and I need to make a traditional kimekomi doll by next tuesday.
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What kind of supplies needed 2007/6/2 06:52
What are the supplies needed to make kimekomi dolls? I probably need to know before I can buy them.
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I know what you need 2007/6/29 18:08
Yuzawaya in Kamata has some Japanese brocade and chirimen. They sell the tuck in knives and glue, as well as doll and ball kits. There are 2 big places in Asakusabashi right outside the tain station--the one across the street has been there 175 years. My sensei, Sadako-san, also runs a serious class in Yokosuka.
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help 2007/9/23 09:56
Where do you get the picture frames?
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Kimekomi doll supplies 2007/11/25 07:12
I know it's been months since this was posted, but I see it never got a reply so I hope I can help. The elements of a kimekomi doll are:
--a carved or molded wooden doll form (originally they were carved from solid wood; nowadays they're usually made in molds, using a thick mixture of wood pulp/sawdust and glue)
--fabric to cover the form
--sometimes separate head, hands and/or feet

The fabrics are typically very beautiful and ornate brocades, the same as are used in formal kimono and kabuki costumes, with lighter fabrics for details.

Supplies you will need:
--white glue
--lots of sandpaper in several different degrees of fineness
--double-bladed kimekomi knife to apply the fabric

Basically, you sand the wooden form until its surfaces are absolutely smooth, using the various grits of sandpaper from coarsest down to finest. (This takes many hours.) Then, you cover the form with a wash of white glue and water, one section at a time, and apply the fabric according to the grooves that show the pattern of the doll's clothing. You use the knife to press the fabric into the folds that simulate the lines and creases of the garment. It's a long, patient process.

I don't think you could make one by just buying supplies at a craft store, unless you are (or know someone who is) skilled at woodcarving.
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kimekomi doll - supplies and how-to 2008/4/14 08:01
Please check out the following site - it has a wealth of information on ordering supplies, and detailed instructions on how to PROPERLY make a kimekomi doll.

I have studied with the Kyugetsu school in Asakasabashi for over 20 years and been certified with them as a sensei. The directions offered by Angelynx is not correct.
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