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Calls from immigration during PR pocedure? 2023/2/19 21:31
Good day!
I have been applied for PR in early September 2022, and I got a letter recently in order to submit some new documents, which I did submit around 20 days ago.
I was wondering what will be the next, should I expect calls from immigration bureau? (Do they call you or investigate without involving you?) If you had any experience, I would appreciate hearing your thoughts: If you get any call from them, what were the questions about, etc.
I applied for PR after 4 years of working in Japan, as skilled worker with 70 points and a good guarantor.

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Re: Calls from immigration during PR pocedure? 2023/2/20 09:04
As for me only one call, my MIL received a call from immigration office with regards to my PR application.
Just a few simple questions to confirm the address, my existence etc. Random call.
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Re: Calls from immigration during PR pocedure? 2023/2/20 10:46
Hi there,

I applied for my PR in September 2021, went Spouse route cos I don't count as a skilled or highly skilled worker lol (it's the truth though), this is after having worked and lived for 7 years in Japan. Got called for extra documents very quickly; within a few days after my initial submission. Then I got a call from immigration a month or two later, forgot exactly when sorry. By mid December 2021 or so I got the notification postcard from immigration and went to get my PR.

Since you went via the skilled worker route the questions you'll be asked (if there's a phone call at all), will likely be very different to what I was asked. If anything I reckon they might even call your company as logically that makes sense to me, but please don't take my word for it. I essentially had a regular conversation with the immigration officer, got asked about my daily work life/schedule and how that fits in with my wife and our lives. The entire conversation was in Japanese of course.

Best of luck!
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