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Work permit 2023/2/20 18:35
Currently i am working as Engineer with visa valid for 3 yrs

But my company may close, can i stay in japan and look for another job because i heard therefs a 3 month rule.

Could you pls advise what if i stayed longer, pls note my VISA still has 2 years

Thank you
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Re: Work permit 2023/2/21 01:32
If you become unemployed you must inform immigration. This is the most important thing.

Immigration will explain what you have to do and what rights you have. If you find new work then you are probably good but there are some requirements. Your new job has to fall under your current residency status, etc.
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Re: Work permit 2023/2/21 01:51
Thank you for the reply

I know that the new job must fall under the same category of the VISA type
Byt i am asking about the 3 months rule, i am ok paying the high amount of insurance at city hall for the unemployed

Appreciate any advise

Thank you
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Re: Work permit 2023/2/21 09:22
visa and resident status, are two separate thing. visa is what you need/use to enter Japan. Once you enter Japan, that visa is cancelled and you are given a resident status(zairyu card) related to your visa.

few things to consider..

1. as said you must inform immigration within 14 days regards to any changes related to your
resident status.

2. You don't have to find works that is related to your current resident status, but you will need to
change your resident status, and satisfy the requirement. Make thing easy find work related to
your current status.

3. 3 months rule is not really a rule per se. when you inform immigration about losing your job, they will
consider your remain status, and as long as you show effort to find jobs, not doing anything in
violation to your resident status, immigration will not take immediate action to revoke your status.

4. Are you on shakai hoken and Employment Insurance System? If you are fired you can claim
unemployment benefit once your are jobless.

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Re: Work permit 2023/3/2 19:40
I want work
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Re: Work permit 2023/3/2 19:55
Whay type of visa are you on?
If you are on the gHighly Skilled Professionalh visa, it is linked to the company and job and could become invalid immediately once you stop working. In that case you should contact immigration and ask them directly
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Re: Work permit 2023/3/2 20:45
my VISA is category E

As Engineer/ Specialist in humanitarian/ international services

And company name isnft not printed on it
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Re: Work permit 2023/3/3 19:48
I want work permit
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