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Leaving in December - Residence Tax question 2023/2/20 18:50
Hi everyone.

My contract will finish in December and I will return to my home country.

How can I pay my Residence Tax for the 2023 period, given that City Offices don't calculate the total amount until well into 2024?

I have seen that people previously have just jumped ship and ignored the rather large amount of due tax, but I would prefer to be honest as I plan on returning to Japan again 2-3 years down the line.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Leaving in December - Residence Tax question 2023/2/21 12:29
I left in December a few years ago and it was easy. Just went to the city office (kuyakusho) and got a bill what I needed to pay, then went to conbini and paid. Quick and easy.
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