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Transport from Nagano to Tsuruoka 2023/2/24 23:25
Hello how to I travel by public transport from Nagano to Tsuruoka?

By Bus
By train or mix of both

Thank you
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Re: Transport from Nagano to Tsuruoka 2023/2/25 07:39
Learn to use the Google navigation tool in public transport mode.
Input: Start point, destination, departure date and time.

For example, from Nagano Station to Tsuruoka Station, departing Mar 01 at 9:00am:,+Kurita,+Nagano,+380-09...
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Re: Transport from Nagano to Tsuruoka 2023/2/25 10:03
As kamahen wrote, the general rule is using Google Map. However it seems curious that the route is long way around, sometimes going to Omiya though there is more direct route via Naoetsu.

Therefore I checked Jorudan.

Jorudan showed similar routes going via Takasaki or Omiya.

I further searched Jorudan using Naoetsu as a transfer station.

Unfortunately English site of Jorudan does not have "via" option so I can show you only in Japanese.

Nagano 9:32 9:54 Joetsu-Myoko 10:19 10:35 Naoetsu 10:48 11:35 Nagaoka 12:00 12:24 Niigaga 12:32 14:22 Tsuruoka

Price: 11940

Note that this is for this timing, and for other time of the day, the route via Takasaki or Omiya is faster. Joetsu-Myoko to Nagaoka is not JR line.

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Re: Transport from Nagano to Tsuruoka 2023/2/25 15:50

Nagano > Takasaki
Shinkansen HakutakaShinkansen Asama

Takasaki > Niigata
Shinkansen Toki

Niigata > Tsuruoka
Ltd Exp Inaho

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