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Izu Peninsula trip 2023/2/26 18:19
Good day, I am planning to spend 3-4 days in the Izu Peninsula this coming May (as part of a 2-week trip to Japan). I would like to explore both the eastern part (e.g. Jogasaki, Mt. Omuro) and Nishi Izu (e.g. Dogashima, Koganezaki), and would appreciate any info/tips/advices for transportation, lodging, and other stuffs I shouldn't miss for the trip.

I will land in Narita on a Tuesday at 8am, and plan to head directly to the Peninsula via the Odoriko Limited Express from Tokyo. As I don't drive, I will take public transportation (trains, buses) for traveling around. Is it worth getting a JR Nationwide Pass, or would I be better off with a regional pass like the Tokyo Wide Pass?

I'm also looking at somewhere as a base for the whole 3-4 days of the trip - currently looking at Atami or Ito. Which of these two would be a better option to cover both sides of the Peninsula? Or should I look into other towns like Shuzenji or Mishima?

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Re: Izu Peninsula trip 2023/2/27 09:53
i am interestef in this as well so looking forward to any replies
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Re: Izu Peninsula trip 2023/2/27 12:08
Nationwide pass is not going to pay off for this.
Tokyo wide pass i would also doubt.
Maybe there is a Izu peninsula pass. Look at the pass webpage of the JG which is a great resource
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Re: Izu Peninsula trip 2023/2/27 12:34
It doesn't cost that much to go to Izu so the national pass would be over-kill. I did a trip to Shimoda last year and it was a pretty cheap train ride - while I could have saved a few yen (maybe 600 total), it wasn't worth it to me to get the three-day Tokyo Wide pass (three days/two nights).
You could get the Narita Express round trip ticket if you are making the return journey to the airport on or before day 14. That will get you to Yokohama so you could transfer there to save a little on the Odoriko Limited Express. The local trains are pretty cheap, and not all of them are JR (Izukyu Line from Ito is the main one).
Other than going as a short break, my focus was on history, going to Shimoda Park, and the hydrangeas were very impressive because it was May. I have stayed in Atami a few times which I like, and ages ago briefly in Ito.
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Re: Izu Peninsula trip 2023/2/27 12:42
Found this deal from Tokai Bus company.

I have only been to the eastern coast of Izu Penninsula by train, so donft know the rest of the penninsula.
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Re: Izu Peninsula trip 2023/2/27 19:35
Have you seen this page in JG???


The Tokai Bus pass can end up being handy if you are travelling long distances. Note that it can't be purchased on the bus from memory.
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