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Attend kindergarten in Shizuoka 2023/2/27 12:50
Hello ,

My name is Tony, and I am a Canadian citizen. I plan to take my 3-year-old child to travel to Shizuoka Japan in this June, the landing visa only for 3 month, I would like to ask, is it possible to attend kindergarten in Shizuoka Japan for a short time ( 3 monthes)? What documents are needed?


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Re: Attend kindergarten in Shizuoka 2023/2/27 14:53
I'm pretty sure that you'd need to be a resident at least living in Japan in order to leave your kids at a daycare. If you're just here as a tourist, I'm not sure how they can accept responsibility just in case if there was an issue that you needed to suddenly leave and don't have a place for the child to go afterwards. I would definitely check for answers online about that, but having the freedom to do things like leaving your children in another country for 3 months with no residency seems nearly impossible.
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Re: Attend kindergarten in Shizuoka 2023/2/27 16:50
As far as I know, kindergarten is considered somewhat like part of school systems, so it is more for residents. School year starts in April, and they have a summer break (usually) from late July to the end of August. And parents start going to visit kindergartens in the year before, applying to enroll the child, the child going through a health check-up and interview, etc., so unless the particular kindergarten in the area is completely vacant for some reason, i donft think you can just go and get your child enrolled.

Excuse me for asking, but are you not planning to travel gwithh your child?
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Re: Attend kindergarten in Shizuoka 2023/2/27 18:00
The simple answer is no. No too long didn't read answers needed.
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Re: Attend kindergarten in Shizuoka 2023/2/28 18:37
What's the purpose of your child attending kindergarten?

If you are working for a company IN JAPAN when you are paying taxes (specifically municipality taxes), then you might be eligible.

If you are a tourist or working remotely, then I don't see any real chances of this happening due to the fact that most of these institutions are government funded and require normally some level of Japanese to converse with the teacher.

I used to work at an international school in the Tokyo area which had a kindergarten, and we would not have allowed a student to attend just for 3 months.
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