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visa expire soon 2023/3/1 23:50

My visa is going to expire on 15 march 2023 I have already submitted my cases to Tokyo immigration for changing my status from work to business manager visa about 2 months ago but still i have got any feedback so now can I stay in Japan or I have to leave japan before my visa expires please guide me if any one know the answer i don't want be overstay at all.

Thank you
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Re: visa expire soon 2023/3/2 06:03
Go to an immigration office and sort it out. You should have got an extension for your application period.
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Re: visa expire soon 2023/3/2 07:41
Under normal circumstances immigration don't kick people out of the country or allow the to overstay while they are waiting for a decision from them. But yes, you should ask immigration for clarification just in case something has been overlooked. Immigration are the only people who know your case.
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Re: visa expire soon 2023/3/2 11:05
Technically if you applied for change of status, and the application is accepted by immigration you should or automatically given an extension 2 months from your resident status expiry date.

But to be safe, check again with the immigration to confirm.

They used to stamped 'Application' on your passport in the old days(before zairyu card) to show application is accepted and in process.

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Re: visa expire soon 2023/3/2 11:44
On submitting the application you get an automatic two month extension.
For business manager applications the processing time (as I was advised by my lawyers) is around three months. (My last renewal was 11 weeks.) If they have not asked for additional information, that would be positive, but you just have to wait.
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