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Apply for new COE. Is there a waiting period? 2023/3/2 18:31

I interviewed at a local staffing company and as soon as I passed the interview they applied for a COE and received it but because of some personal reasons, I denied their offer.

After a few days, I interviewed at another Japanese company online and I got selected. Since I already have a COE the (new) company asked me to return the existing COE (from the staffing company) to the Japanese embassy but the staffing company would not give me the COE. The existing COE will expire on the 25th of this month.

Can the (new) Japanese company apply for a new COE after the 25th of this month? Is there any waiting period for reapplying COE?
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Re: Apply for new COE. Is there a waiting period? 2023/3/3 18:10
As far as I know, when the old CoE expires, it should be fine. I have never heard of any waiting period for a new application with another employer.

What gcanh cause problem is double applications. What i mean is if the old employer-to-be does not return the CoE or does not inform immigration that they are no longer hiring you, thus void the current CoE. If they donft do it, then when the new employer-to-be applies for a new CoE, youfd have two applications for the same period of time (I assume), which would lead to the new application getting declined.

But in your case, since it is expiring soon, geven ifh they neglected to do so, i think it should be OK. The new company might have to explain to immigration (since they know the situation) that the old CoE should be voided (if still valid).

It makes sense the old employer-to-be didnft want to ggiveh it to you - they might have thought you might use it now with the new company - you donft have to physically obtain the old one, but just make sure that they informed the immigration authorities about they no longer being your employer, and possibly physically returning it to them (meaning the immigration authorities). Best wishes that things go smoothly.
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Re: Apply for new COE. Is there a waiting period? 2023/3/3 21:32
as AK said, you and your new company's thoughts are wrong. you can't use the old COE. if I were you, I will not choose the new company, because they know it is wrong. it suggests that they will do illegal things, if it is beneficial for them.
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Re: Apply for new COE. Is there a waiting period? 2023/3/4 08:17
I didnft say that - I merely wrote about the possible thoughts behind the previous employerfs decision not to give the CoE to the OP. The new employer is going to apply for a new CoE, and the OP is concerned about when the new application may be made.
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Re: Apply for new COE. Is there a waiting period? 2023/3/8 23:44
Thanks to everyone who replied to my question. The new company told me that they will apply for a new CoE when the existing one expires. They also asked me to provide the application number of the existing CoE since they will be submitting an explanation about why I cannot return the old CoE.
I hope everything goes well and I hope everything goes well for you too!
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