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Setouda port to Imabari in one day by bike 2023/3/8 04:55
I want to do part of the Shimanami Kaido and will take the ferry from Onomichi at 7.10 to Setouda. Will pick up a rental from there and start cycling. Is it doable in a day cycling with stopping to sightsee and take pics?
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Re: Setouda port to Imabari in one day by bike 2023/3/9 12:11
I have not actually run, but here is the approximate time when running on a sports bike.
The time will also vary depending on how often you cycle and what type of bike you have.
By the way, I go shopping on my mamachari (city cycle) two or three times a week.
I cycle about 7 km in about 40 minutes. (For downhill)
Also, the time varies depending on how long you stop by the tourist spots.
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Re: Setouda port to Imabari in one day by bike 2023/3/9 12:24
Difficult to answer. I personally can easily cycle 100 + km/ day. But it depends on your fitness level, tge rental bike, how often you stop, which route you take.

I strongly recommend to NOT take the direct route through Omishima, Oshima and Hakata. It is much more scenic on the secondary route. But also longer.


Also cycle before in your home country a similar / longer distance a few times so you know you can do it. Then you can enjoy the experience.
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