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leaving japan back to home country 2023/3/11 20:11
I'm currently working as a Graphic Designer here in japan.
I have my wife & son living with me.
my wife & I decided to go back to our home country & not coming back.
I ask my employer if can bring my Job and continue working from my country, and they said YES, In fact, they want me to build a design team so that I can provide more designs for them.

But, my question is, i think will gonna miss this place, the environment, the nature, the quit, etc, coz this was my dream to work and lived here.
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Re: leaving japan back to home country 2023/3/12 10:37
Well you canft have it all.
Maybe ask your employer if you can come for frequent business trips. You obviously need to make some business case why youfd need to be several weeks/ months in Japan every year and convince your wife why youfll be away for so long. Tricky.
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Re: leaving japan back to home country 2023/3/12 11:58
You cannot have it all. You say your wife and you made the decision to leave, so youfd have to live with the consequences. Or change the decision. I donft know why you decided that way.
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