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For how long can I stay jobless? 2023/3/12 09:56
I have 3-year working visa and I renewed it recently. I would like to know what will happen if I quit my job and leave the country for a while? (less than a year, obviously)
Will my resident card remain valid until expiration date?
Can I exit/enter the country given the circumstances?
I kind of know that I need to inform municipal office if I changed my status/job etc. but I don't know how it may affect my situation.

Basically, I want to know if I can take a break without losing my opportunity.

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience.
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Re: For how long can I stay jobless? 2023/3/12 12:37
When you quit your work, both your employer and yourself need to inform the immigration authorities of the fact within 14 days of your quitting.

There is (1) staying in Japan after youfve quit your job, and (2) leaving Japan after youfve quit your job.

For (1), it is said that itfs ok you stay in Japan for a gfew monthsh unemployed while you look for another work.
But for (2), as you leave Japan, you would tell (if asked) the immigration officer that youfre coming back in a few weeks/months (just a vacation) to return to work at the same employer (which would be a lie), or to come back to Japan to look for a new job? Ifm not sure if that would work. 

If you want to keep the resident status, it would be gsaferh for you to stay in Japan and indeed look for a new work, because your resident status is founded on the fact that you want to stay in Japan to work and that an employer wants you here to work for them.
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