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Train to Nokogiriyama 2023/3/13 01:57
I am planning on travelling from Tokyo Station to Nokogiriyama by train and something has me slightly confused...
I don't believe that I need to transfer to a different train, but I just want to double check with others first.

I have checked the route on both Navitime and Google Maps and this is the result that I got.

06:10 am Tokyo Station
JR Sobu Main Line Rapid(Tokyo-Choshi)
06:51am Chiba Station

06:58am Chiba Station
JR Uchibo Line
08:07am Kazusa-Minato Station

08:09am Kazusa-Minato Station
JR Uchibo Line
08:18am Hama-Kanaya Station

Whilst travelling on the JR Uchibo Line, will I have to transfer to a different train once I arrive at Kazusa-Minato Station? Or do I stay on the same train?

Thank you for your assistance.

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Re: Train to Nokogiriyama 2023/3/13 08:07
Google maps shows that you need to change train. That new train will be very likely just on the opposite platform so 1 minute to change train is okay.

Btw, google maps comes up with a faster connection by bus.
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Re: Train to Nokogiriyama 2023/3/13 09:28
Another great option is to take the train out to Kurihama, then take the ferry across Tokyo Bay to Nokogiriyama (about a 20 min walk from the ferry port). Beautiful trip.
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Re: Train to Nokogiriyama 2023/3/13 15:57
You can board bus from Tokyo
From Tokyo eki mae, you can get on JR High way bus kanto for kazusa minato ekimae, then by JR to nokogiriyama
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Re: Train to Nokogiriyama 2023/3/13 18:21

From Tokyo to Nokogiriyama by direct train
If you are staying in central Tokyo and are heading out to Nokogiriyama on the weekend there is a direct JR Limited Express train. Itfs called the Shinjuku Sazanami and will take around 90 minutes to travel direct from Shinjuku to Hama-Kanaya station. The Shinjuku Sazanami runs seasonally and on weekends but only a couple of times a day each way. The ticket price is Y3,870 one way with a reserved seat.

Other train and bus transport options
You can get to Hama Kanaya station and Mt Nokogiri from Tokyo station on other days and times using JR trains but it will take a little longer and involve at least one change of train along the way. Another alternative is to take either the Keisei or Nitto express bus from Tokyo station to Kisarazu station in Chiba which takes an hour then the JR train from Kisarazu station to Hamakanaya Station will take an additional 40 minutes.

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Re: Train to Nokogiriyama 2023/3/13 21:37
Thank you for the responses to my question.

I will have 1 day left over on my JR Pass, which is why I chose the train over other options such as the bus.

I am also staying next to Akihabara station, which also gives me the option of taking the Chuo line to Chiba Station. Though that option only gives me around 3 minutes to transfer from the Chuo Line platform to the Uchibo Line. Which is why I am looking at taking the Sobu Rapid from Tokyo Station. As the only transfer that I will then have concerns about would be at Kazusa-Minato Station.
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Re: Train to Nokogiriyama 2023/3/14 02:24
You can board nokogiriyama ropeway
Price:1 way adult =500 yen,child =250 yen
Roundtrip adult=950 yen,child= 450 yen

It is 330 meter tall mountain, western coast of boso peninsula.ishidaibutsu is Largest in japan,twice the size of kamakura counterpart
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