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Waiting at Narita Airport 2023/3/14 07:37
I will be arriving at Narita Airport at 1:00pm, but my friend is arriving at 4:00pm. If I go to Sawara to kill time, would I be able to meet up with my friend at the baggage claim since I already left the airport? If not, are there any shops or restaurants near the baggage claim inside the airport that I can go to to kill time?
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Re: Waiting at Narita Airport 2023/3/14 15:56
No, there are no restaurants or shops around the baggage claiming area before you pass customs. But once you pass customs, you have several options. 3 hours is not enough to got to Sawara, but a visit to Naritasan Temple may fit in:
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Re: Waiting at Narita Airport 2023/3/14 22:50
Once you leave the baggage claim, you cannot go back in. There is an area outside baggage claim where for example tour guides wait for and meet arriving passengers, so thatfs where you can meet your friend. Inside the airport (but outside the baggage claim area in the arrival area) there are shops and restaurants.

Sawara? Sawara city? One way by car is 30 minutes, one way by train an hour and a half.
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Re: Waiting at Narita Airport 2023/3/14 23:25
Sawara is nice, but hard to reach by public transport.
Going to Narita town might make more sense and either your bf joins you there or you come back to the airport and pick him up.
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