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Shodoshima Taxis 2023/3/17 21:22
We don't drive and intend to take a ferry to Shodoshima for a daytrip.
Planning to go to Angel Road, stopping by the Olive Park, then to Kankakei Gorge, then the Soya Sauce Factory.
Probably going to hit them in that order, west to east, starting at Tonosho Port, and ending at Sakate Port.
Wondering how difficult transport will be.
The article on this website https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e5434.html shows that most of this route is served by the Sakate Line bus which is quite frequent, however it does not go to Kankakei Gorge and a seperate bus is needed, switching at Kasukabe Port. That bus is much less frequent.
So I was wondering, are there many taxis on the island, and seeing my uber will not work and I do not have a Japanese phone number to install a taxi app, how hard will it be to get a taxi from Kasukabe Port to Kankakei Gorge ropeway station, and back again? I am doing all this as a daytrip and don't want to worry about bus schedules and waste up to 2 hours waiting for that bus, so a cab to the gorge sounds like the best thing to do, maybe bus for the rest.

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Re: Shodoshima Taxis 2023/3/18 09:31
Please contact the taxi company here.
If you can't enter an English address, try entering the address of the hotel you're staying at.
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Re: Shodoshima Taxis 2023/3/18 10:03
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Re: Shodoshima Taxis 2023/3/18 10:18
Thanks for the info.
I would like some clarification about the company you linked: http://shodoshima-kotu.com/en/service/chartertaxi.html

The bus is too early, we can't make it on time and it also goes to places I don't intend to visit.
For the chartered taxi, 1 hour 5,340 yen will add up to a lot if we need it for 5 hours.

Reasonable rates are provided from Tonosho Port to major tourist facilities.
For instance, 880 yen to angel road, 6880 yen to kankakei.
I think I would rather go with that.
But what is not explained in English is, can I call them to pick me up at angel road or kankakei or other attractions? It looks like getting there is not an issue but I don't want to end up stranded...

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Re: Shodoshima Taxis 2023/3/18 12:53
If you ask the information center of each spot, I think you can call a taxi.
However, there is an additional pick-up fee and it takes time for the taxi to move from your current location (I have never been to Shodoshima, so I don't know, but in Kanagawa Prefecture, it takes about 10-20 minutes).
If you get on from a place where there are already taxis, such as in front of the station, neither the pick-up fee nor the taxi travel time will be required.
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Re: Shodoshima Taxis 2023/3/18 12:59
For details, please check at the tourist information center (or hotel) after going to Shodoshima.
Staff can speak English.
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Re: Shodoshima Taxis 2023/3/18 13:06
By the way, Japanese sites can be translated by URL using Google Translate.
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Re: Shodoshima Taxis 2023/3/18 15:32
Thanks again, so it seems all of these locations have a tourist infomation center nearby.
As I am planning on a daytrip and will only be going to these 4 places which all are either staffed or have nearby tourist information centres, I think it may be best to just take a cab from place to place. The places are pretty much in a line west to east, so the total cost would still be cheaper than chartering a cab for the whole day. Maybe as you say, if we get lucky and there are already cabs dropping others off, we could even save on the additional call fee.
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