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Visiting Chichibu 2023/3/18 00:26
Hi All,

At present I'm planning my last major trip to Japan and have booked 2 nights at Chichibu as it's a place I've never visited, but is a place which has been suggested to me by some people on this forum.

I'll be staying for 2 nights (18th - 20th June) from Sano, which means I'll probably get into Chichibu around mid day and then leave early on the 20th. That seems to give me 1.5 days to see the main sites.

I'm aware on the main sites "around Chichibu" and am capable of getting from point A to B for most locations, but need some potential guidance on how another person would tackle this.

In general, I'm a reasonably fast tourist and can hire a car if it's absolutely needed but it's not my favorite thing to do.
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Re: Visiting Chichibu 2023/3/18 07:30
Welcome back to Japan for your glasth trip

I think part of the nice thing about Chichibu is walking between some of the temples. I found the ones around Urayamaguchi specially easy to access. A good number of different temples plus restaurants plus a cave all in fairly short distance and in the countryside so good for a compact visit.
TrAnsport itself can be an attraction as there is a steam train running through The Valley
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Re: Visiting Chichibu 2023/3/19 02:04
Thanks for the heads up. I've got a few locations labelled close to that train station so I'll look further into it.
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