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How are work anniversaries celebrated? 2023/3/21 06:11
Hi, I was wondering if someone can help. A Japanese colleague of mine has his 25th work anniversary (he is the MD of my company's subsidiary in Japan). My bosses (he reports to them) are travelling to Japan for a celebration which is to be planned by me. He will be presented with a certificate and a present.
Does anyone know how such work anniversaries are celebrated in Japan?
Is it custom to go for a lunch or dinner or do some sort of activity?
If going for lunch/dinner what sort of restaurant is appropriate?
Is the entire office invited or just managers?
I'd love for him to feel appreciated and am not familiar with how this is done best in Japan.
I'd be grateful for any advice.
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Re: How are work anniversaries celebrated? 2023/3/21 17:43
Different companies have different cultures. You should consult with the person who put you in charge of organizing this thing.
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